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New challenges and new location

Hello again.

After I left Pythian I was looking at a couple of other places to begin working with, but finally settled on staying in the mediterranean region, however with a small relocation.

Thus, this post is now long overdue, but I am working for a spanish company called Tuenti, which is the largest social network in spain. I am quite excited and have now settled down in Madrid, so I will be using this website in order to blog about challenges, problems, solutions and everything that comes with running a large scale deployment of MySQL.

Stay tuned for the first technical post, it’s on its way already!

4 Responses to “New challenges and new location”

  1. Fortxun Says:


  2. Ronald Bradford Says:

    Congrats on the new job Nick!

  3. Nick Westerlund Says:

    Thanks! Much appreciated both of you.

  4. LenZ Says:

    Hi Nicklas,

    great news! Congratulations on the new job. Tuenti sounds like a cool company to work for. Best regards!


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