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Forward – into the future

Looking back at the short-term, it wasn’t long since MySQL was bought by Sun, and yesterday the deal with Oracle was finalized.

I want to take this time to thank everyone involved in MySQL and the surrounding community for their hard work, and express my wishes that you look forward to the future and what it might hold, I am sure it will be great.

I think that if done correctly, we as a community can benefit from these changes in the long run, so let’s look forward rather than backward.

On a sidenote, mysql.com is quite slow today, perhaps as a result of high load due to masses of people wanting to check out the news. However, sun.com has now been redirected to Oracle.com.

Turns out however that things such as the documentation is still missing, hopefully it will return soon. As an example for what I mean, take a look at the documentation and you will notice that it is all empty.

So, to everyone, a happy 2010 and best wishes to Oracle.

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