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Xtrabackup for MySQL, and issues with streaming mode

Yes, it has been quite some time since I blogged, work has been very busy lately.

Currently we have a number of various backup strategies that our partners may use, one of which has been hot backups via xtrabackup (or innobackup/MySQL Enterprise Backup – with a license fee of course).

At this time we have one person dedicated to maintaining the backups, which includes rewriting innobackupex to handle extras and also write wrapper scripts around the original one.

This morning he contacted me because he was running into problems with xtrabackup 1.5 and streaming. No, not the usual performance issues etc, but rather a few random .MYI files were missing and the xtrabackup_checkpoint and xtrabackup_logfiles were missing.

What was interesting was the the MYI,frm and MYD files missing was random – it was mainly static but would change every now and then when his script ran.
At first glance without reviewing his script, it seemed like something was going on with xtrabackup streaming mode, since the help_*.* files contained the checkpoints info, so it looked like it streamed it to the wrong place..

However, after I was informed about it, I decided to look at the script this person had written, and I realized that he did something like..
innobackupex –backup ……. –stream=tar /path 1>/file.tar 2>/logfile.

After testing, its clear that xtrabackup does not like that. You are not able to separate stdout and stderr like this, since it breaks the application. By changing 1>/file.tar 2>/logfile to just >/file.tar it all worked well.

Why does innobackupex write things to STDERR that should be sent to the tar stream? I do not know, but I hope that someone here can help out.
Either way, this is a reminder for all of you that want to use it – you cannot suppress output, since that will break the stream mode.

Have a great spring!

2 Responses to “Xtrabackup for MySQL, and issues with streaming mode”

  1. Justin Swanhart Says:

    Do you have a reproducible test case?
    Can you file a bug?
    It would probably be very helpful to have the contents of the output that was sent to STDERR.

  2. Nick Westerlund Says:

    Yeah I have fully reproducible test case which I can file a bug based upon, I will get that done tomorrow.. Thanks.

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